Luigi Pira

Cantina Pira Luigi, quality from the territory

In the name of Barolo. The Pira family has been tied to the hills of Serralunga d'Alba, a land of great wines, since the late 19th Century.

In the 50s Luigi Pira decided to focus on grapes and wine, in the following decades he sold grapes and open wine to the biggest wineries in the area of Alba which sought after high quality products from Serralunga d'Alba.
It was a first step towards its own production, which was impressed in this earth and able to give great red wines, Barolo above all. In the early 90s Gianpaolo, Luigi's son, started to take part in the winery management, and the wine quality became the key factor. Today Gianpaolo is flanked by his brothers Romolo and Claudio.
All the wine that comes from the historical vines of the family is bottled, the Nebbiolo grapes destined to the production of Barolo which come from the crus are processed separately for Barolo Vigna Marenca, Barolo Vigna Margheria, Barolo Vignarionda and Barolo Serralunga.

Over the last few years the winery has focused on two main aspects: on the one hand they have bet on a wine which reflects the grape quality attained thanks to the special characteristics of the hills of Serralunga d'Alba, in the very heart of the Barolo district. On the other hand they have developed their marketing potential based on quality with the collaboration of Marc De Grazia. The market has rewarded this approach, especially in Europe and North America.
Ties with the territory, quality and selection: this is the Barolo by Cantina Pira Luigi in Serralunga d'Alba.