The vineyard: where everything begins.

We respect our vineyards because - as we have been cultivating them for generations - We know that they bring hard work, effort and sacrifice. We care for them very carefully, because the quality we seek in wine begins with the grapes.

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We care for our products through ancient gestures, handed down by those who came before us.

For over a century, our vineyards have been cultivated by hands belonging to the same family nucleus. This continuity enabled us to learn from our grandparents and, at the same time, to explore how to improve continuously in areas where ancestral knowledge could not succeed.

The region

To bring to the glass the history of the generous terroir of Serralunga d'Alba, unique in the Barolo area.

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The cellar, the place where minimalism is an art.

Our working philosophy: bringing out the flavour of the terroir in the wines. This is why we believe that the hand of man and the use of wood must be delicate, in order to enhance the natural qualities of the product.

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Winery tours

An approach, a region and a family that define the wines.

We try never to overpower the product that the earth gives us, neither with words nor with processing, because we want our wines to speak for themselves. We hope you will grasp this purpose when you are hosted in our cellar.