Serralunga, in the heart of Barolo

Serralunga d'Alba is a village with an ancient history. It was built on the top of a hill, and from its fortress you can see the villages of Diano d'Alba, Roddino, Sinio and Monforte.

From there the view extends over the boundaries of a territory characterized by a long hill crest that starts in the north, from a plain, to become steeper in the southern part. The eastern side is opposite Diano d'Alba, while the western side overlooks Monforte d'Alba. It is an essential part of the Barolo district, Serralunga is at its very heart.

The Pira family cultivate their vines here, more precisely on the western side, whose shape is characterized by wide strips of land with hollows and slopes and whose microclimate and terroir give grapes for excellent wines. In Serralunga Barolo is unique, as is its taste, perfume and body. The Barolo produced by Pira Luigi confirms this rule: from the mineral notes of Barolo Margheria to the power of Barolo Marenca and to the elegance of Barolo Vignarionda.